The Qualification of a Serial Entrepreneur

Mr. IyinOluwa Aboyeji

-By Olufunke Afolami

Giving his brief remarks at the IMPACT 2022, which was convened by Pastor W.F Kumuyi, General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Mr. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, a Nigerian entrepreneur who is also a co-founder of Andela and former Managing Director of Flutterwave, told the participants comprising of youths from secondary schools, tertiary institutions, corps members and young professionals that their purpose in life is channeled to bring Glory to God.

He added that there would be challenges but yielding to God will pave the way for success.

The Guest speaker emphasized on three principles to walk in impact:

Build yourself

Citing Luke 1:80, he charged the youths to stay in the wilderness till the day of their showing irrespective of fantastic prophecies. Speaking of his experience, he started entrepreneurial journey in 2009 while still an undergraduate but failed at providing solution to the problem, he tried again and in 2015, Angela was birthed. However, it took another three (3) years for it to be known. “Not every growth happens fast, we must wait till we can be shown,” he stated.

Build Depth

He said he has discovered that there is so much passion but no skill among the youths of today. Despite the availability of information at their fingertips via technology, they still need to build relationship with people, network, build outside the limelight; this he termed as depth.

Sharing his story with the enthralled audience, he said the drastic change happened on his 25th birthday when he spent the whole day praying and asking God for his purpose. After he got the answer, he began to make decisions in the direction of his purpose in life.

Aboyeji later resigned at Andela and sowed himself into flutter waves even when the timing for resignation was considered unreasonable by many. However, God planned it that it was at this period Mark Zuckerberg came visiting in Nigeria which paved the way for him.

Build with others

The renowned entrepreneur said when God gives breakthrough, he attaches purpose to it but youths must engage in serving others. Posing a challenge to the participants, he said “If scriptures says by their fruit, we shall know them; why are many Christians with little fruits? We must build with others.”

Some of the participants asked, how do we balance building in the secret, customer’s trust, visibility of business and remain underneath?

Since the purpose of God requires sacrifice, how do we build or navigate through the troubles to success?

How were you able to build a business in this corrupt system and how can I build with investors of kingdom values?

In responding, Aboyeji said: It requires patience, customer’s credibility is not built at once or in a haste; we should be more intentional about solving a customer’s challenge before looking at the bigger picture. Making reference to when flutter waves started and how they stayed with one customer at the inception solving their problems and until they could solve that, they moved to the next customer.

On the second question, he said: “Take the instructions of God seriously, have a community of mentors, build with a strong team, focus on serving customers, consider yourself an empty vessel, do not be too full of yourself.

While answering the third question, he told them to realize that the only god-father they have is God the Father. They should know that success belongs to God, understand the principle of success, “it is not about making money but meeting a need, do not follow the world’s system and solve problems in a sustainable way.”

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