Pursuing a Purpose Driven Life to its Peak

Pastor W.F Kumuyi, General Superintendent, Deeper Life Bible Church

Speaking recently to youths at IMPACT 2022, an event meant for Nigerian youths in secondary schools, tertiary institutions, corps members and young professionals, General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Kumuyi, told them they must have a purpose driven life. The event was held at the Deeper Life International Conference Centre in Ogun State.  

Citing his reference from Acts 26:15, he explained the life of Paul, stating that for life to have a meaning, it must have a purpose.

Highlighting the journey to progress in life, he led the youths through a ladder from the negative to the positive life, which included: passive deadened life, pinned down life, problem drowned life, purpose driven life, passion dominated life, positively directed life and peak destined life.

The topic of his sermon was divided into three segments, such as The regrets of pursuing money and materialism, The responsibility of pursuing the mandate of our maker and Our reassurance while pursuing his mission towards men.

Reading from Luke 12:15-21 and Jeremiah 17:11, the man of God stated that one could be foolish and selfish when things just revolved around one, stressing that a fool is one who did not think of his purpose in life but sought to harness wealth for himself alone; one who has success without salvation, satisfaction without sonship, substance without spirituality, stature without a saviour, skillfulness without shelter for souls, self-sufficiency without service and sensuality without sensibleness.

He further explained that youths could get rich towards God by helping others, giving hope to the hopeless, educating the orphans, healing the sick and taking care of the poor, adding that there is grave danger when youths love materialism beyond their souls according to Mark 8:36.

Citing Isaiah 43:7, the G.S said God gave a commensurate ability to respond to the mandate he gave to the youths.

He further charged the youths that their helping others should bring Glory to God, stating that God worked on men by melting, molding, mending, monitoring, mentoring, modelling and building them to achieve mastery.

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