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Challenges and Opportunities in the Age of Digital Transformation

The digital world’s landscape is perpetually shifting. As we stand at the cusp of the greatest technological revolution, digital transformation is more than just a trending term – it’s an actual paradigm shift remolding industries. From the vibrant markets of Africa to its soaring urban skyscrapers, businesses are reimagining interactions, transactions, and evolution in this new digital age. However, with these advances come both challenges and opportunities.

Challenges Ahead

 The African e-commerce market, having witnessed an impressive growth to reach US$ 241.6 billion in 2022, is projected to soar to US$ 567.6 billion by 2028. This swift rise introduces distinct challenges:

  • Retail & eCommerce: Addressing the heightened expectations of users who desire tailor-made online shopping experiences.
  • Fintech and Payments: Overcoming the complexities of regulations and safeguarding against cyber threats in a domain that deals with vital financial information.
  • Logistics and Fulfilment: Amid increasing demands for sustainable solutions, businesses face the daunting task of devising innovative and streamlined ways to satisfy consumers.
  • Digital Security: The migration to cloud and digital payments means the safety of critical data is paramount.

Charting the Path Forward

Pioneers and visionary leaders at the vanguard of the digital shift are essential to steer through this complex terrain. Introducing Converge Africa 2024, previously recognized as ECOM Africa.

Highlighted speakers include:

  • Sizwe Ndlovu, CEO, Pineapple, Insurtech
  • Deven Moodley, Executive Head: Financial Services | Value Added Services | Mobile – Pick n Pay, South Africa
  • Kgositsile Poonyane, Group Head: Gaming and Marketing – MTN, South Africa
  • Tatiana Ndlovu, Group Head eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Old Mutual South Africa
  • Suren Naidoo, Group Chief Information Security Officer – The Foschini Group – TFG, South Africa
  • Ashley Singh, CIO, Sanlam
  • Paul Brown, Managing Director, Hirschs
  • Richard Eberlein, Head of Marketing – Homechoice, South Africa
  • Bunmi Cynthia Adeleye, Chief Strategy Officer, The Shoprite Group of Companies

Terry Southam, group director of retail, remarks, “Our expert speakers represent a vast range of industry brilliance. They intend to spark innovative thoughts, stimulate innovation, and fuel the growth of the digital commerce ecosystem in Africa. With their vast expertise across the five conference tracks, Converge Africa aims to fast-track digital commerce growth, enabling online businesses in Africa to flourish. Attendees will leave with unmatched insights and actionable strategies.”



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