Salary Increment Not Solution

President Bola Tinubu

-By Abba Dukawa

Life in Nigeria has became miserable for the larger population as the year 2024, was one of the hardest years Nigerians has ever undergone through after the ugly experience of civil war.

It is clear to all that Nigeria is presently at the edge of the precipice in terms of the economic, security and food affordability. Each day, the hardship is biting very hard the situation has pushed many people to take extreme measures, even as worst as taking their own lives.

Partly the cost of living was driven by the reforms introduced by President Bola Tinubu when he took office. On the day he was sworn almost a year ago, the president announced that the long-standing fuel subsidy would be ending. The so called fuel subsidy gone which critically force essential commodities manufacturers to increase prices to the consumers.

In February this year Vice-President Kashim Shettima announced the establishment of a board charged with controlling and regulating food prices. Renewed Hope administration has also said it is working with rice producers to get more of it into markets.

The government ordered national grain reserve to distribute 42,000 tonnes of grains, including maize and millet. The administration instructed Nigeria Customs service cheaply sell off bags of the grain they have seized. Of the most recent hardship unleashed to the citizens was hike in electricity charge. The decisions will aid more mediums and small factories, shops to closedown operations whereby the citizens would lose their jobs.

All these measure has not bring any meaningful relieves to millions of Nigerians that fall below the property line each day. Because present administration policies have worsened the economic crisis and its worst economic crisis in a generation, leading to widespread hardship and anger. In Simple assessment of the overall, annual inflation, is now close to 30% – the highest figure in nearly three decades.

The cost of food has risen even more – by 35%. Many are going hungry, rationing what food they have or looking for cheaper alternatives. People are now eating the rice that is normally discarded as part of the milling process. The waste product usually goes into fish ponds.

President Tinubu’s efforts to remodel the economy have also added to the burden.

To be honest Salary increased not solutions as the difficulties are becoming unbearable to millions of Nigerians as wages have not kept up with the rising cost of living.

With current reality in the country it has been a tumultuous journey for workers, considering the rising cost of living after the removal of fuel subsidy among other measures. A take home pay of a worker is not in tune with the reality because workers are struggle to survive and rarely meet up with the demands of their families. There is need for Bola Tinubu-led federal government to approve a living wage that will make life better for workers.

Before the current increase in prices, the salaries of many workers could not even sustain them to the next salary day. Some spend the salaries on payment of credits. Despite the increase in the pump price of fuel and the increase in the prices of foodstuffs and other goods, worker salaries remained the same.
A living wage is necessary considering the rising cost of living in the country not minimum wage. Every dawn in Nigeria unveils renewed hardships and harsh living conditions. The much talked-about prospects of wage increment for the Nigerian worker remains a mirage. Petrol subsidy is purportedly gone; yet its impact lingers – revealing the ineptitude of the current federal government.

Salary increases not solutions let the Renewed Hope administration do the need full by making rice producers to flood market with more of it. Dangote, BUA, and other captains of the industries to support the effort of the government with they product at very subsidy prices.

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