HAUWEI: Digitalization of the Petroleum Industry

Mr. Michael Zhuag, Managing Director, Hauwei Nigeria Limited EBU

-By Victoria Opeyemi

Hauwei has been operating in Nigeria since 1999 which is over two decades with branches across the country and seven hundred staff, one thousand and two hundred out sourced while 70% are locally recruited.

The company is dedicated to promoting digital transformation and improving the oil industry in Nigeria with both international and local partners.

Michael Zhuag, Managing Director, Hauwei Nigeria Limited EBU, made it known at the 4th Nigeria International Petroleum Summit (NIPS) that over the years the Chinese company has significantly contributed in various aspect of the oil industry.

He noted that in upstream, Hauwei has provided monitoring solutions for Agip, an International Oil Company (IOC), which has increased IOT solutions to visualize and monitor criminal activities to reduce vandalism on well site.

In the midstream, Hauwei has delivered AKK pipeline with IVS monitoring and network solution to improve safety and crime. On the downstream side, the company also delivered monitoring solution for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) retail for safety and ensure secured management team across its filling stations. 

Concerning enterprise and information system, Hauwei has delivered a daily modern center solution to reduce operational and maintenance cost and improves use efficiency. The Hauwei solutions at the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) for regional branches reduces IT operational cost and unifying monitoring and maintenance as for the regulatory agency.

The oil and gas industry has experienced some major challenges most recently was the Covid-19 pandemic and oil price crises. There are also concern about the rise of renewable energy.

Zhuag said although Nigeria is leading oil and gas producer in Africa, it is important to factor how the country can remain competitive despite long and short term challenges. The country should begin on how to convert crisis situations to opportunities to achieve transformation and maintain the lead for the next five to ten years.

“Today, we have set up this Forum with some of the most brilliant minds who are oil and gas industry top players and partners across NNPC PWC IDSL and SPDC to share best practices to achieve a better future for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.”

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