Enhancing Expertise in GAS and CNG

Nigerian Gas Association (NGA), Learning Solutions Training Event Series titled “Enhancing Expertise in Gas and CNG” is a training program designed to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills in natural gas and compressed natural gas (CNG).

This program aims to empower professionals in the energy sector, engineers, and industry enthusiasts with a deep understanding of gas-related developments/technologies, safety protocols, trends, opportunities, benefits, and practices.

Participants will engage in a dynamic learning environment that combines theoretical insights with practical examples, equipping them to navigate the complexities of gas and CNG systems. With a focus on building capacity in Gas and CNG, fostering technical proficiency, and promoting industry standards, this training initiative is intended to enhance the knowledge and expertise of individuals involved in the gas industry, ultimately contributing to safer, more efficient, and sustainable practices within this critical sector.

NGA is pleased to invite participants to attend a five-day training event titled “Enhancing Expertise in Gas and CNG”. Course subjects will be taught by technical experts residing within the Extractive Resource Governance Program at Canada’s leading policy institution alongside practitioners from Nigerian Gas industry. The comprehensive itinerary will blend traditional lectures with facilitated discussions, workshops, and case studies.

The event will to hold over five days from 04 – 08 March 2024, lasting from 0900 – 1700 hours each day.

The event will be recorded for attendees who are unable to attend live to watch later at their convenience.

The course fee is US$ 1,000 per attendee (Early bird registration, up until 31/01/2024) and US$1,500 per attendee (Late registration, from 01/02/2024).

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