TotalEnergies Ambition is to Provide Reliable, Affordable Clean Energies- Sangster

…TotalEnergies Nigeria committed to aligning with national aspirations for maximising existing energies and evolutions.

In his goodwill message, the Country Chair Total in Nigeria and Managing Director, Total E&P Nigeria Limited, Mike Sangster, made it known at the ongoing Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), that TotalEnergies is proud to be associated with the SPE Conference.

Delivering the goodwill message of Sangster at the conference, Deputy Managing Director, Deep water, Mr. Victor Bandele disclosed that the company has been in Africa for more than 80 years and has been involved in activities in Nigeria for 65 years with a broad and diversified portfolio in the country and operations in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. Its activities span onshore, conventional offshore, deep water, LNG and in the downstream, it operates over 577 service stations across the nation. “We are, indeed, committed to a lasting partnership with Nigeria.”

“The SPE conference is a major annual event of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Little wonder it attracts so many industry leaders, policy makers, researchers, investors, and many others. One of the key benefits of the conference is the opportunity it gives us to come together as professionals and actors in our industry to network, share experiences, perspectives and concerns about the oil and gas sector. It is also a forum to share and learn from stakeholders in our industry. It is, therefore, an honour for us to be one of the sponsors of this very important conference and exhibition.”

Bandele opined that the theme for this year conference, The Future of Energy: A Trilogy of Determinants; Climate Change, Public Health, and the Global Oil Market Innovation is quite timely and relevant.

“The COVID-19 pandemic which hit the world in 2020 has redefined a lot of parameters as we have always known them. For instance, the pandemic has proved that our people could work remotely and still achieve set targets. The pandemic has also exposed the fragility of the public health infrastructure of countries all over the world.”

The relationship between climate change and public health is clear enough. That is why the industry must address the concerns over contribution to climate change. The production and use of energy contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, meeting the climate challenge will mean embarking on energy transition, i.e. transforming the way we produce and use energy.

TotalEnergies believes that climate change is a reality and requires the collective mobilisation of society. The 2015 Paris Agreement generated a groundswell of awareness of the climate emergency. The target recommended by the experts is a carbon-neutral society by 2050. This is a demanding goal that all stakeholders collectively must be committed.

Since 2015, TotalEnergies has steered a determined course to new energies, in line with our ambition to provide energy that is reliable, affordable, and clean.

“This means that the future of energy is changing and, if we must remain relevant in the energy market of the future, then we must continue to adapt. Together with society, we are adapting to a world-class player in the energy transition with a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

“This decade (2020-2030) will be a decade of change for TotalEnergies as we transform into a broad energy company. Our Company’s production and sales mix will be evolving such that by 2030: 50% gas; 35% oil and liquid biofuels; 15% electricity, mostly renewable. By 2050, the mix be 40% renewable power, 40% gas and 20% liquid products.”

According to Bandele, TotalEnergies Nigeria is committed to aligning with the national aspirations for maximising existing energies and evolutions that are necessary in the coming years.

He emphasised on the SPE conference that the trilogy is global oil market innovation which will fuel the engine of energy transition. “We are a service industry which must adopt the principles of strategic customer relationship management in meeting the energy needs of our world sustainably. There is no other industry better positioned than ours to lead the crusade to clean energy and carbon neutrality. We have the technology; we have the capability; we have the people. We must use all these to achieve the market innovation which strikes a balance between meeting the energy needs of a growing world population and meeting same in a sustainable, carbon-neutral manner without degrading the public health situation of our people.”

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