Starmer Promises National Renewal, Rebuilds Infrastructures after Historic Win

Mr. Keir Starmer, UK Prime Minister

It was a stunning victory for Keir Starmer who is now the new British Prime Minister. In his victory speech on Friday at Downing Street, London, he said his government will work to build the “infrastructure of opportunities” for every single Britain, including those who didn’t vote for his Labour Party.

Starmer who spoke shortly after meeting with King Charles III at the Buckingham Palace to officially confirm his Office as PM, said his government “is committed to calm and patient rebuilding in a mission of national renewal”.

While commending the efforts of his predecessor Rishi Sunak, he said the years of “mistrust” and “wound” suffered over the years, can only “be healed by actions, not words”. “Our work is urgent, and we begin it today”.

It will be recalled that Starmer’s Labour Party secured a landslide win to end the 14 years of Conservative Rule.

Conceding defeat, Sunak said he has heard the “anger” of Britons in their desire for change.

Earlier before the election, polls suggested landslide win for Labour Party that has been in opposition for the past 14 years. This has also suggested that the same fate awaits other parts of Europe where incumbent may lost out to opposition in a new wave of elections.


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