Solution Tops Agenda as Platforms Africa Holds Continental Forum in Lagos

Solution to business, enterprise and governance hurdles in Africa will top the agenda at Platforms Africa’s forthcoming continental forum in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital.

Team Lead of Platforms Africa, Adeola Yusuf, who, according to a statement, said this at the unveiling of the official flier for the event in Lagos, maintained that the forum coming up on Monday, November 21, at Sheraton Hotel Lagos, is to assess legislation and business survival in Africa with the review of the Nigeria’s 9th National Assembly and agenda for the 10th Parliament.

Saying that lack of adequate focus by Africans on the choice of who occupies the Legislative seat is a minus, Yusuf said that legislation directly or indirectly makes or mars businesses and lives of the people.

He said; “Democracy is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. While a few countries in sub-saharan Africa are slipping back into military rule, more nations in the continent are deep-rooting trees of their democracies.

“Nigeria, the biggest democracy in Africa, is preparing for a regime change, and focus, as usual, is majorly on who will occupy seats in the executive arm of government while there is little or no interrogation about the quality of legislators whose bill passages and legislative instruments/agenda directly or indirectly impact businesses, and social enterprise.

“Platforms Africa, an e-community of intellectuals, policy moulders and opinion leaders in Africa, which has been having solution-driven discourse on Humanity and Africa Development, has deemed it necessary to have its first physical forum on Legislation In Africa.

We want to review Nigeria’s 9th Parliament, which passed the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) and set agenda for the 10th National Assembly.

“We have chosen Monday, November 21, 2022, for the event. And, we shall be honoured with your presence and support.

“We already have confirmation from prominent members of the forum as we spread tentacles to invite other key stakeholders which included: Mr. Francis Kokutse from Ghana, and Mr. Bosire Ontiri Japheth from Nairobi, Kenya.

“Through our e-Discourse, we have achieved a lot in terms of education and key information dissemination. We are assured that this physical forum will also help tremendously in the creation and sustenance of circles of informed Africans for the overall good of the continent in particular and the humanity in general.”



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