NIMASA Unveils Service Charter to Guide its Operations

In a bid to drive sustainable development and enhance efficiency, the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, has unveiled a new Service Charter to guide the operations of the agency.

Speaking at the launch of the Service Charter in Abuja, the minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola said the launch of the charter was a clear signal that NIMASA is committed to raising its standards of service.

“This charter is not just a document, it symbolises a renewed commitment to service excellence, responsiveness, and continuous improvement within NIMASA. It is a testament to NIMASA’s dedication to providing world-class services to our stakeholders and fostering an environment that encourages sustainable growth in the blue economy,” he said.

The Minister who was represented by the director of maritime safety and security, Babatunde Bombata recalled that the Agency had recently entered into a Performance Bond agreement for Ministerial Deliverables with the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy.

“Recently, NIMASA entered into a Performance Bond agreement for Ministerial Deliverables with the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy. Among the three management scorecard priorities outlined in the MDA Performance Management System (MPMS) is the ‘Service Wide Priorities,’ which aims to enhance service delivery throughout the Maritime Sector.

“This Service Charter is thus well-timed and aligned with the overarching objectives of the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy. The Service Charter similarly represents a public bond by NIMASA to provide high-quality, efficient, and transparent services to Stakeholders in the maritime industry and the general public.

“It outlines the agency’s specific service commitments in areas such as registration, certification, inspection, etc. It is also a tool for accountability that sets clear expectations for stakeholders and provides a mechanism for the agency to measure its performance. This will help to ensure that the agency is meeting the needs of the industry and the public.

“The NIMASA Service Charter is a step in the right direction, aligning our efforts with international best practices and setting a new standard for service delivery in the Maritime Sector.”

The Minister emphasised that the nation’s maritime sector plays a pivotal role in economic development noting that it serves as a lifeline for trade, commerce, and connectivity, not only within the nation’s borders but also on the global stage.

He said the Maritime industry is not only a crucial driver of economic development but also a source of livelihood for millions of people across the globe and holds a special place in our Nation’s economy and plays a vital role in global trade.

“Recognising the importance of this Sector, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that it operates with the highest standards of efficiency, transparency, and Accountability. As we gather here today, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era in the Nigeria Maritime Sector, a time of enhanced efficiency, transparency, and Accountability.

“Our focus on the Blue Economy is not just about economic gains, it is also about environmental stewardship and social responsibility. As we harness the vast potential of our Maritime Resources, we must do so with a keen awareness of the need to preserve and protect our oceans and coastal.

“In today’s rapidly evolving global landscape, we must adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. The Maritime industry is no exception. By embracing technological advancements and modernising our practices, we can streamline operations, improve productivity, and foster sustainable growth.”

Also speaking, the Director-General of NIMASA, Dr. Bashir Jamoh, pointed out the significance of the Service Charter under the theme “Service Redefined”.

He said: “Today, we gather to launch our Service Charter under the theme ‘Service Redefined.’ This theme encapsulates our commitment to transforming the way we serve our stakeholders, the maritime community, and the Nigerian people as a whole. It reflects our dedication to elevating the standards of service delivery, embracing innovation, and fostering a culture of excellence within our organisation.

“As the director general of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, I am honoured to lead an organisation that is committed to redefining the way we deliver services to our stakeholders.

“The launch of this Service Charter is not merely a ceremonial event, it signifies a paradigm shift in our approach to fulfilling our mandate. It also marks a significant step towards achieving our goal of providing world-class services that meet the needs of our stakeholders.

“We recognise that our stakeholders have high expectations of us, and we are committed to meeting and exceeding those expectations. Our Service Charter outlines our promises to all those who interact with NIMASA, whether they are ship owners, seafarers, port operators, or members of the public.”

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Marine and Blue Economy, Senator Wasiu Sani, charged NIMASA to continue to strive for more success. He assured that the committee would work closely with NIMASA to provide maximum cooperation in appropriating funds for the agency to achieve its objectives.

He urged NIMASA as a matter of urgency to adhere to all service provisions, to become the best in Africa and the World extension.

Source: Sweetcrude

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