NERC Launches Power Outage Reporting App

Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) on Monday, September 11, launched an app to monitor Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos)’s compliance with the tariffs set in a regulation.

The chairman of NERC, Sanusi Garba broke the news in Abuja during the launch of the Power Outage Reporting System (PORS) App, using Abuja Electricity Distribution Company as a pilot project.

He noted that the app was designed for cross-working data for the purpose of Supply Based Tariff (SBT).

He said: “This particular app we are launching today is supposed to assist the commission in monitoring that DisCos are actually complying with the tariff that was set with that regulation.”

Garba noted that one of the major roles of NERC is quality supply regulation, which, according to him, led to its recent launch of a new consumer protection regulation that provides a timeline within which public utilities and especially DisCos are required to resolve complaints by the customers.

He said the commission tried to sample opinion on the level of quality of supply that customers are experiencing.

The chairman disclosed that consequently, NERC decided it is better to put smart meters on one feeder for accurate data or near real-time data.

According to him, the commission has discovered that the DisCos are actually complying with the obligation in real time.

He further noted that the app was launched to assist customers in giving feedback on the disruption of supply in the areas to the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC).

The chairman said the app which the customers are expected to download from the Google Place Store “is supposed to help customers to report disruption of supply in their areas.”

He added that the app has become necessary because some customers are tired of being in the customer care of the DisCos when they are in blackout for days.

The chairman said although the app commenced as a pilot project with the AEDC, the commission will soon roll it out to other energy distributors in the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI).

He said: “We decided to start this launch with Abuja and there will be a national rollout for other distribution companies.

“AEDC today is like a guinea pig for the app but we will quickly expedite other distribution companies.”


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