Government Poverty Alleviation Subsidy linked to Seplat Energy is fraudulent – Company

Seplat Energy says its attention has been drawn to a false Poverty Alleviation Subsidy claim linked to Seplat Energy Plc on social media and other digital platforms.

This is to state the Company is not behind this exercise.

Seplat Energy does not offer any form of Government Poverty Alleviation Subsidy of this nature. For general enquiries, please refer to our official website:

However, Seplat Energy remains committed in the generation of value for all our stakeholders.

Guided by its strategic framework, the company’s business model applies its core strengths, relationships and experience to create long-term value and shared prosperity for all of our stakeholders.

The Company prioritises the effective management of relationships with all stakeholders including host communities, JV partners, government, regulatory bodies and shareholders.

Seplat Energy continuing success depends on many different stakeholders, including employees, suppliers and local communities. The company recognises the importance of regular engagement with all its stakeholder groups and adopt the most appropriate channels for each.

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