FIIF Empowerment Conference Excites Lagos Children

-Felix Douglas

The Faith Iyowuna Ikekhide Foundation (FIIF) was held in the premises of State High School, Alimosho, in Lagos. The empowerment program is part of the contributions of FIIF to the implementation of the millennium development goals for sustainable growth in Nigeria.

The event commenced with vocational trainings and the students were elated as they learnt how to be entrepreneurs through skill acquisition in future.

The secondary school students were trained on practical skills including, how to make Ankara bags, fish rolls, cakes, egg rolls, buns, donuts, tiger nuts, as well as shoe making , soap making , hair barbing , hair plating , cap making among others.

Some of them showcased and displayed what they produced in cause of the vocational training.

Speaking to the students at the conference, Chairman of FIIF, Mrs. Faith Iyowuna Ikekhide, told them to practice all they have learnt by various facilitators urging them not to be involved in fraudulent activities also known as yahoo that will tarnish their image with bleak future.

She made it known that the vision of the Foundation is to positively impact the lives of the less privileged in the society with a view of helping them to be people of high socio-economic values to themselves and their communities.

Mrs. Ikekhide spoke about the five pillars of FIIF operations using the acronym SHEEP. S- skill acquisition for eradicating poverty, H- health care support to less privileged, E- education empowerment for the less privileged, E- Entrepreneurship for sustainable socio-economic growth for less privileged and P- partnership for sustainable development which is key for progress of the Foundation.

Many secondary schools across the state were represented including Director of Schools Administration (DSA) from Ministry of Education.

Delivering his keynote address, Pastor Juwon Adekoya, who represented Pastor J.F Odesola, quoted a passage of the Bible referring to Daniel who had an excellent spirit. He encouraged them to be spotless and strive to make progress in life like Biblical Daniel. “Don’t allow your background to let you down but strive for excellence which will result to progress.” According to him, “the skills you have learnt today will showcase you for the future.”

Pastor Adekoya pointed out to the students to make up their minds to live above average; action should not be momentary but continuous not allowing time to leave them behind. He told them to have intelligence and industrious mind working hard to persevere. Having optimum action which is the highest level of one’s performance hence when an excellent spirit is manifested in a boy or girl, he or she will excel maintaining a good standard of life.

He prayed for the students assuring them of a bright future and shining light in their endeavours.

Being the Guest Speaker of the conference, Barrister Joy Ogbonnaya, President of Pleasant Gathering from Enugu State, told the students there is one certain thing they ought to know about life which is destiny. God desire for every child is to fulfill his or her destiny. She spoke on five ‘Ds’ determination, discipline, diligence and duty. The students ought to engross these ‘Ds’ in their minds to discover their destinies.  The earlier discovery of one’s destiny leads to earlier fulfillment in life.

Barrister Ogbonnaya further stated that the greatest thing in life is change and every sector needs change and it is the future generations that are the change agents. She told the students that the first step to recover destiny is to attend a conference like FIIF where they will be vocationally and morally taught about the issues of life. Decision in life determines a child’s destiny. She advised them to shun immorality and other social vices that can hinder them from fulfilling and achieving their future. She encouraged them to develop a reading culture habit because it helps youths to succeed in life.

Bad company destroys future hence there is need to choose friends wisely as many youths have been negatively impacted through wrong companions. She gave life experiences of students whose academic activities ceased abruptly while others live to regret their actions urging them to shun pornographic materials and nude pictures giving examples of countries where youths have been negatively affected. She prayed for them for a brighter future.

In her remarks at the event, representing Permanent Secretary of Lagos state Ministry of Education, Mr. Adebowale Adeoye, Mrs. Maria Oluwafunmilayo Ojo, DSA, Education District 1 Agege, told the students to take wise decision in life adding that they should share the skills they have learnt in the conference to other children for development in the country. She thanked the Foundation for its uncommon noble cause to the society.

Giving his closing remarks as well in the conference, Dr. Andy Ikekhide, President of Great Commission (TGC), revealed to the students that the background of success is in God. He prayed for them to be successful in life and that what God has destined in their lives will be attained.

No doubt about it, the second edition of Lagos Children Empowerment Conference was a huge success that will linger in the minds of the participants with hope of a bright future generation.






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