Exploring Drone Technology World with Ere Aeronautics

-Felix Douglas

It was a beehive activity at the 4th edition of Drone Technology conference also known as Drone Tecx held in Lagos. Companies involved in drone technology exhibited and presentations were made by various professionals and stakeholders at the conference. It attracted firms providing drone services in different fields of human endeavour. It was a three-day conference from 14 to 16 of May.

 One of the companies that exhibited was Ere Aeronautics Limited. It has unmanned aerial vehicles that can be controlled without a pilot or someone on board. There is a battery that controls and flies it to its destination.

There is a landing port where the drone can take off and land safely.

Ere Aeronautics also deals on software and programming with many clients who request for its services and technology.

The drone technology company provides security services to companies through surveillance for their environment against threats. There is surveillance camera that works like CCTV to capture activities. Its small drones are also used for film production to shoot movies and photograph to capture events in social occasions.






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