Eid- Fitri Massage: Hon Abdullahi Calls for Prayers to End Nigerian Challenges

-By Hon. Abdullah Gaya

The member in the House of Representatives representing Ajingi, Gaya and Albasu federal constituency Hon Abdullah Mahmud Gaya has urged Nigerians to seize the opportunity of the Eid-Al Fitri to continue pray against all forms of challenging bedevilling the country, as the present situation in the country is a test of the people spiritual resolve and Faith.

According to him, more than any other times in our history, the challenges has become worrisome so there is need for the nation to overcome the myriad of problems facing it and we must continually pray for our country.

This was made known in a Eid-Al Fitri massage issues to media outlets and signed by his Senior Legislative Assistant Ibrahim Umar in Kano

On the completion of Ramadan fast, Hon Abdullah Mahmud Gaya said “every true muslim feels joy at participating in the Ramadan fast, which is a key obligation in Islam, therefore we should not forget the symbolisms and lessons of obedience to Allah, sharing of our God-given wealth with the less privileged, during the holy month of Ramadan for being brother’s keeper and living in peace with our neighbors as enshrined in the tenets of Islamic faith.

Commenting on 2023 general election, said as the country matching toward 2023 general election need for electorates to vote selfless peoples at all electives positions that will serve them diligently, saying the choice before electorates in the coming election is a choice between going forward and backward, between a record of visible achievements as against the empty promises of desperate positions seeker.

Hon Abdullahi Mahmud Gaya thanked Almighty Allah for his innumerable mercies that made it possible to witness this blessed day and also facilitate with peoples Ajingi, Gaya and Albasu local government area, Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, peoples of the state and country at large on the successful completion of this spiritual journey of fasting.




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