CAMAN Scores SON High on Cable Industry Regulation

Bukola Adubi, President of CAMAN during a Live radio show

The President of Cables Manufacturers Association of Nigeria has scored the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) high on enforcing regulations and maintaining high standards in Nigeria’s cable Industry.

Mrs. Bukola Adubi, who is also the chief operating officer (COO) of MicCom Cables, made the commendation during a monitored radio program. She however called on SON not to lose its guards as perpetrators are always evolving and coming up with new schemes to thwart their efforts.

The CAMAN executive noted that Nigerians now have sufficient access to high quality, made-in-Nigeria cables; thanks to the collaborative effort of SON and CAMAN.

According to Adubi, while SON ensures strict compliance to laid-down regulations, CAMAN as a body function as a check to the activities of its member companies by paying regular visits to their respective factories to ensure standards are maintained.

She said, “The Cable Industry in Nigeria is one that even the SON, the Federal government, and other regulators can boast of. We commend the Standard Organization of Nigeria SON for ensuring the enforcement of regulations. However, the entire story of the journey cannot be told without involving CAMAN.

“We have all come to that place where we understand that, for us to continue to make great strides, there are things expected of us, and we cannot fail.

“So, we frequently check on one another. It is fantastic how we do that. I can send my team to this cable manufacturing factory and say we want to check your system, are you doing what you are supposed to do? You can also come into mine as well. Sometimes, we go as a group to different factories.

On clamping down perpetrators of substandard and fake cables, the association’s president said, “Yes, we are in competition at the end of the day, but for the fact that we share this industry which has gone through so many battles against adulteration, substandard, fake cables, and others; we are fighting a common enemy, so we come together.  This has been the singular reason why made-in-Nigerian cables continue to be seen as one of the best.

“A lot of the things we do, we must do in conjunction with the regulators. A lot of ideas have been brought forward as to how we can kill this menace.

“We are constantly in talks with regulators, the ports and customs, and are regularly creating awareness. The more noise we make about who we are and what to look out for, the more people get enlightened.”

Speaking on the ease of doing business in Nigeria, Mrs. Bukola Adubi, praised the Federal government for a recorded improvement while calling on the incoming administration to do better especially in the manufacturing sector.

The second iteration of the Nigeria Subnational Ease of Doing Business Baseline (EoDB) Survey, which was released on March 27, 2023 shows a marginal increase in Nigeria’s overall EoDB satisfaction score to 5.69 on a 10-point scale from 5.45 recorded in the inaugural report.

Despite acknowledging the improvement, the report indicates that there is a lot more to be done to improve the business environment and to sustain the push by PEBEC in this regard.

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