APM Terminals Relaunches Vessel Inspection App

APM Terminals’ has relaunched its vessel inspection app.

The relaunched app, which has new features to further support safe working environments for stevedores and other terminal staff, is available in six languages namely Arabic, English, French, Georgian, Portuguese and Spanish.

It also takes inspectors through a standardised eight-step procedure, ensuring consistent, comparable and tracked results.

The relaunched app has already received positive feedback from inspectors from the company’s six pilot terminals.

Regarding the usefulness of the application, inspectors are guided to ensure the gangway is safe before they board a vessel to inspect all relevant work areas and address concerns before operations start.

After recently being awarded first place at the TT Innovation in Safety Awards on 23 February, Chief Operating Officer of APM Terminals, Jack Craig, said, “We are delighted with this recognition for the safety app we have developed in-house in collaboration with Maersk. The app provides a standardised digital platform for terminals to carry out vessel inspections, highlighting potential critical risk.”

Source: Ships & Ports

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