Acting Director of DPR, Alhaji Shakur Ahmad Rufai

In ensuring industry ethical standard and best practices, the Acting Director of Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Alhaji Shakur Ahmad Rufai has warned oil and gas laboratory operators to avoid compromising data analysis results and upheld objectivity and sincerity of purpose.

Shakur who gave the warning at the 3rd Oil and Gas Industry Laboratory Stakeholders Workshop held in Lagos to chat a new direction for laboratory managers and operators towards embracing industry best practices in laboratory data analysis in the oil and gas industry.

The two-day workshop is themed “Enhancing laboratory best practices and capacity Building towards promoting sustainable development in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.”

Shakur represented by Dr Musa Zagi, Deputy Director, Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Division of DPR said laboratory practice in the Nigerian oil and gas Industry should not only be viewed as a business or money-making venture.

He said that laboratory practices should be seen as a critical and sensitive component which inputs are critical for decision-making across the oil and gas value chain.

According to him, “It is indeed a great pleasure and honour as I stand here in your midst today to kick-off this very important stakeholders workshop represented by CEOs of laboratories, members of the academia, representatives of oil and gas companies. I wish to express my profound appreciation to all our esteemed guests and stakeholders, here present for making out time to come from far and near, in spite of your tight and busy schedules, to attend this workshop.”

He stated further, “this, to me, signifies the seriousness and importance that you all attach to this engagement which is geared towards continuous improvement of laboratory practice in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. In the same vein, I would like to thank the head of HSE and his dedicated team for successfully putting this year’s stakeholders’ workshop together.”

The DPR boss said the question is how equipped and efficient are laboratories in the country for conducting these scientific observations and analyses?

According to him “it is my fervent hope and firm belief, that the discussions will ignite a strong determination and resolve among all oil and gas laboratory stakeholders to begin to chart a definitive and sustainable path towards uncompromised and consistent quality of service and integrity of results.”

Shakur said that furthermore, the quality and integrity of the data or results churned out from laboratories in the sector of the economy is a critical ingredient in decision making (for both regulators and operators) without which there can be no real value addition and sustainability.

He said that DPR has put in place, machinery to ensure good laboratory practice in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. The machinery, which includes the accreditation and permitting process for companies rendering laboratory services in the sector has been further strengthened by the oil and gas laboratories stakeholders’ workshop since the first workshop which was held in 2015.

“I would like to re-iterate this department’s commitment towards working with all stakeholders to drive and enhance good laboratory practice within the sub-sector, encourage and enforce capacity building with the ultimate goal/objective of promoting sustainable development in the industry. To every participant at this workshop and indeed to all stakeholders, I charge you with the responsibility of ensuring of work shop turn out not only the best you have so seen so far, Rufai added.”

The workshop will also become a pivotal force that would catapult laboratory practice within the Nigerian oil and gas sector towards a pedestal where it becomes a reference point for international standards and indeed the world’s best.

Shakur explained further “at this juncture, I would like to draw our minds and attention to the meaning of the term ‘laboratory’ as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary – a place equipped for scientific observation, experimental testing, analysis or study. This year’s theme – Enhancing Laboratory Best Practices and Capacity Building Towards Promoting Sustainable Development in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry could not be more apt.”





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